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          ABOUT US

          ABOUT US
          MK Founder semiconductor co., LTD

          MK Founder(Referred to as “MK”), a company focusing on embedded storage, has its R&D center in Taiwan and operation bases in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Hefei.    

          MK Founder has the ability to develop software and hardware of flash controller. Based on China's market and channel capabilities, MK has integrated the resources of foundry, packaging and testing manufacturers in the industry chain, and launched a series of highly reliable, customized and miniaturized storage products and solutions. 

          MK Founder provides customers with embedded storage chips, which are widely used in industries, medical, automotive, electric power, smart wear and other fields.


          NEWS CENTER
          20 2018-12
          Rising SD NAND Nova! Core-hunting net and MK founder become the best partners

          The core-hunting network and MK founder work hand in hand to fight for the future. MK founder\'s advanced product concept and innovative spirit will surely fit in with the ever-rising \"electronic components supermarket\" core-hunting network and become t

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